Saturday, May 7, 2011

ishake the streets! to terrenzio's beats! 5.7.11!

DJ Terrenzio is Caveman's fill-in/Committing bad acts of a radio killin'

Hear 'is the very best beats from this villian:

Partake of the posses if you're ready & willin':

Wade In - Joy Orbison, 11 rec. (Hotflush)
Sing - Four Tet, 10 LP "There is Love in You" (Domino)
Mirror - Burial/Four Tet/Thom Yorke, 11 split-12" (Text)
Street Halo - Burial, 11 single (Hyperdub)
Supercollider - Radiohead, 11 12" (Ticker Tape Ltd.)
Sadness is a Blessing (Gold Panda remix) - Lykke Li, 11 LP "Wounded Rhymes" (LL)
People's Potential - Floating Points, 09/10 12" (Juno)
Twilight Fades - Royalty, 11 EP "Royalty EP" (Five Easy Pieces)
Roberta Flack - Flying Lotus, 08 EP "Los Angeles" (Warp)
Neon Gumbo/Oh, Maker - Janelle Monae, 10 LP "The ArchAndroid (Suites II and III)" (Wondaland Arts Society/Bad Boy)
Good Man - Raphael Saadiq, 11 LP "Stone Rollin'" (Columbia)
The Wilhelm Scream - James Blake, 11 LP "James Blake" (A & M)
Government Land (Give Up the Land) - Horace Andy, 77 LP "In the Light" (Hungry Town)
Blue Spirits - Freddie Hubbard, 65 LP "Blue Spirits" (Blue Note)
Black Cow - Steely Dan, 77 LP "Aja" (ABC)
Anything New - Bibio, 11 LP "Mind Bokeh" (Warp)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

ishake the streets! is breaking speed! 04.09.11!

giddyup 409/playing it up till the sun go shine/

load it up, from mine to thine:

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I Like to Be Confused (I Love You) - Carnivores, 11 EP "Chandelier"
Life (It's Alright) - Rick Rickards and Craig Livaich, 86 coll. "Harsh Betty's Party Favorites" (Mad Rover)
Before You Sailed Around the World - Portastatic, 97 LP "The Nature of Sap" (Merge)
Two Kinds of Happiness - The Strokes, 11 LP "Angles" (RCA)
Blank Generation - Richard Hell & the Voidoids, 77 LP "Blank Generation" (Sire)
The Well - His Name is Alive, 91LP "Home is in Your Head" (4 AD/Rykodisc)
Love Me Like This (Nonsense Dub) - Floating Points, 09 single (R2)
Ho Renomo - Cluster & Eno, 77 LP "Cluster & Eno" (Sky)
Yeye - Daphni, 11 12" (Text)
Ghost Bitch - Sonic Youth, 85 LP "1985" (DGC)
I Just Want to Celebrate - Rare Earth (Mocean Worker remix), 05 coll. "Motown remixed" (Universal)/
71 LP "One World" (Motown/Rare Earth)
Dig a Little Deeper - Peter Bjorn & John, 11 LP "Gimme Some" (Almost Gold/Star Time Int'l/Planetary)
Godless - Dandy Warhols, 00 LP "Tales from Slabtown" (Capitol)
Any Major Dude Will Tell You - Steely Dan, 74 LP "Pretzel Logic" (ABC)
Anything New - Bibio, 10 LP "Mind Bokeh" (Warp)
Can't Stop You - The Wannadies, 02 LP "Before & After" (National)
Recharge & Revolt - Raveonettes, 11 LP "Raven in the Grave" (Vice Music, Inc./Terrorbird)
intro/Shake the Sheets - Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, 04 LP "Shake the Sheets" (Lookout!)
bkgd/Getting Squinty - Club D'Elf, 11 LP "Electric Moroccoland" (So Below)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

ishake the streets! today is spring! 4.2.11!

If April showers bring May flowers, then April shining leaves me smiling.

Caveman's show, post-FM dialing:

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Sad Eyes - Five Eight, 11 LP "Your God is Dead to Me Now" (Clermont/Iron
Tip of My Finger - Desmond Dekker & the Aces, 68 LP "Isralites" (MCA)
Cut Some Slack - Soulwax, 95 LP "2nd Handsome Blues" (RRE)
Obelisk - Timber Timbre , 11 LP "Creep on Creepin' On" (Arts & Crafts Productions)
Black Silk Stocking - Chrisma, 77 LP "Chinese Restaurant" (Polydor)
Where Are the Bodies? - Bodies, 82 collection "Rokk i Reykjavik" (Hugrenningur)
Burning - Whitest Boy Alive, 06 single (Bubbles)
Beautiful Delilah - The Kinks, 64 LP "You Really Got Me" (Reprise)
Everywhere a Helicopter - Guided by Voices, 02 45" (Fading Captain Series)
Ford Mustang - Serge Gainsboro, ca. 69 rec.
10 Wheels for Jesus - Elvis Hitler, 88 LP "Disgraceland" (Restless)
Everything Looks Better in the Sun - The Obits, 11 LP "Moody, Standard & Poor" (Sub Pop)
Set a Date - James Cotton, 68 LP "Cut You Loose!" (Vanguard)
One Hundred Years - The Cure, 82 LP "Pornography" (Elektra/Asylum)
Filthy Love - We are Enfant Terrible, 11 LP "Explicit Pictures" (Last Gang)
Youth Knows No Pain - Lykke Li, 11 LP "Wounded Rhymes" (Atlantic)
Anything - Arto Lindsay, 97/98 LP "Noon Chill" (For Life//Bar/None)
She's Lost Control - Joy Division, 79 LP "Unknown Pleasures" (Factory)
Carte de Visite - Brown Shark Red Lion, 11 LP "Eksi Ekso" (Mylene Sheath)
intro/Shake the Sheets - Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, 04 LP "Shake the Sheets" (Lookout!)
bkgd/Kamasutra - Manfred Hubler & Siegried Schwab, 69 sdtrk "Vampyros Lesbos" (Motel)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

ishake the streets! with bacon, please! 3.26.11!

it's...shakin'!!! day's breakin' and you're wakin'...
here's my show for the takin':
here's my page for the thankin':

Fire In You - Standing Shadows, 11 EP "The Silent Revolution" (Planetary)
Vast Listening Audience - Lewis Francis, 88/89 rec. (New World Information Order)/89 collection "Turn of the Grindstone"
Maybe - Opshop, 07 collection "Phase Five NZ Music" (CMJ)
Play the Dream - Suicide, 92 LP "Why Be Blue" (Revega/Enemy/Brake Out)
Heavy Eyes - Oh Land, 08 LP "Fauna" (Fake Diamond)
Filthy Love - We are Enfant Terrible, 11 LP "Explicit Pictures" (Pil)
Come Live with Me - Marvin Gaye, 76 LP "I Want You" (Tamla Motown)
Passion - Flirts, 82 LP "10 Cents a Dance" (O)
Reverence - Faithless, 96 LP "Reverence" (Cheeky)
Erika is a One-Minute Switch - The Daizy Gearz Cabal, 11 collection "The Acidsoxx Family Sampler" (Acidsoxx)
Back Scratcher - Frank Frost, ca. 50s. rec.
Midnight Love - Snoop Dogg f/ Dazz Dillinger and Raphael Saadiq, 01 LP "Greatest Hits" (Death Row/Priority)
Progress Two - Paris Falls Volume III, 09 LP "Paris Falls Volume III" (Paper Weapons Records No. 4)
Better Off Dead - Sounds, 11 LP "Better Off Dead" (Amioki)
14 Days - The Waterfoot Dandy, 88 coll. "Just a Mish Mash" (In Tape)
ThinK Long - Mates of State, 06 LP "Bring It Back" (Barsuk)
Selfish Desires - Safi Abdullah, 90 LP "Another One Gone" (Shanachie)
I'll Be Yours - Those Dancing Days, 10 LP "Daydreams & Nightmares" (Universal/Wichita)
intro/Shake the Sheets - Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, 04 LP "Shake the Sheets" (Lookout!)
bkgd/Miles to Go - Stateless, 11 LP "Matilda" (Ninja Tune/Terrorbird)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

ishake the streets! with laserbeams! 3.19.11!

c'mon hit me! hit me! when you wanna rock wit' me!
cavey say relax; listen to this week's faved tracks:
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Youth Knows No Pain - Lykke Le, 11 LP "Wounded Rhymes" (Atlantic)
Those Three Words - Brad, 97 LP "Interiors" (Loosegroove)
Lost in Emotion - Lisa Lisa & Cult World , 87 LP "Spanish Fly" (Columbia)
Bloodless Coup - Sweet Billy Pilgrim, 09 LP "Twice Born Men" (SamadhiSound)
The Branches - Long Arm, 11 LP "Project: Mooncircle"
A-Root-da-Doot-Do - The Pressure Boys, 85 comp. "More Mondo" (Dolphin)
Friday - Rebecca Black
Garbage Picker - The Beltones, 01 LP "Cheap Trinkets" (TKO)
Rock & Roll Music - Chuck Berry, 57 rec. (Chess)
Smoke that Cheeba Cheeba - Harlem Underground Band, 76 LP "Harlem Underground Band" (Paul Winley)
Syracuse University - The Bluebells, 84 LP "Sisters" (Sire)
There is a Light that Never Goes Out - Dum Dum Girls, 11 LP "He Gets Me High" (Sub Pop)
Stockholm Syndrome - Yo La Tengo, 97 LP "I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One" (Sub Pop)
When Will You Come - Wavves, 10 LP "King of the Beach" (Domino)
Filthy Love - We are Enfant Terrible, 11 LP "Explicit Pictures" (Pil/Last Gang Records)
Listening Wind - Talking Heads, 80 LP "Remain in Light" (Sire)
Morning Mr. Magpie - Radiohead, 11 LP "King of Limbs" (self-released)
intro/Shake the Sheets - Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, 04 LP "Shake the Sheets" (Lookout!)
bkgd/Black Tusk - Lumerians, 11 LP "Transmalinna" (Knitting Factory)

ishake the streets! like frankie sez! 2.26.11!

relax! don't do it! when you wanna shake to it!
cavey goes to hollywood on this electrifying oscar weekend!
dig deep in the beats; don't go off the deep end:
dig the show? well here's its link, then:

Electric Boots - Slumber Party, 03 LP "3" (Kill Rock Stars)
Move in Rhythm - Airkraft, 80 collection "Hicks from the Sticks" (Antilles)
Baby Don't Dance - Mother Mother, 11 LP "Eureka" (Canada)
Chinatown - Destroyer, 11 LP "Kaputt" (Merge)
Lotus Flower - Radiohead, 11 LP "King of Limbs" (self-released)
(Boogie Woogie) Dancin' Shoes - Claudja Barry, 79 rec. (Chrysalis)
Do It Better - Happy Mondays, 88 LP "Bummed!" (Factory)
Levee Camp Moan - Clifford Gibson, 29 rec./coll. "Beat You Doing It" (Yazoo)
Bulldozer - Cold War Kids, 11 LP "Mine is Yours" (Downtown/DGC/Interscope)
Suoni sul Tamburo Canzone (Inner Science remix) - Azzuro (Hydra)
Retrovertigo - Mr. Bungle, 99 LP "California" (WB)
Smashattack Rock - the Smashchords, 81 12" (Smashtrade)
The Next Right Thing - Seth Glier, 10 LP "The Next Right Thing" (Mpress Records)
Femme Fatale - Velvet Underground & Nico, 67 LP " Velvet Underground & Nico" (Verve)
Been Swank - Von Bondies, 03 LP "Pawn Shoppe Records" (Sire)
The Diamond Sea - Sonic Youth, 95 LP "Washing Machine" (DGC)
Straighten Out - Stranglers, 77 rec. (United Artists)
Celestica - Crystal Castles, 10 LP "Crystal Castles" (Polydor Lt'd)
intro/Shake the Sheets - Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, 04 LP "Shake the Sheets" (Lookout!)
bkgd/Rowte 66 - Conveniens, 07 LP "Clear" (Maz/BMI)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

ishake the streets! depravity! 02.19.11!

throwing inhibition to the wind/it's exhibitionistic jams I spin!

let the hedonistic sounds begin:

here's the link to let you in:

Chasing You into the Light - Jackson Browne, 89 LP "World in Motion"

Hello Cruel World - Mekons, 96 LP "The Edge of the World" (Sin/Stick 4)

Up and At It - Wes Montgomery, 67 LP "Down Here on the Ground" (A & M)

Break a Mirror - Exhibit A, 87 comp. "Essential Attitudes, vol. 2" (Frantic)

Simple Parts - Sick of Sarah 11 LP "2205" (Adam Ant Records)

Moon 83 - B52s, 84 comp. "Revenge of the Killer B's, vol. 2" (WB/Sire)

Forever and Ever Amen - the Drums, 10 LP "The Drums"

Wandering Star - Portishead, 94 LP "Dummy"

Clap Your Hands - Sia, 10 LP "We are Born" (Jive)

Baubles, Bangles, & Beads - Deodato, 72 LP "Preslude" (CTI)

Please Ask for Help - Telekinesis, 11 LP "12 Desperate Straight Lines" (Merge)

Till the Mourning Comes - the Others

Vampyre's Kiss - The Rabies

Mary and the Storm - BlitzKid

Adapt - Wire, 11 LP "Red Barked Tree" (Pink Flag)

bkgd/Yo - Beaten by Them, 11 LP "Invisible Origins" (BMI)